First Aid Response Training

Anderlift Safety Services are now a Recognized Institution (R.I.) with PHECC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council).

This recognition will enable us to offer clients both the First Aid Response and First Aid Response Refresher courses.



The 2007 (General Application) Regulations specify that companies, based on risk assessment, need to have an adequate number of trained First Aid personnel available to deal with medical emergencies and injuries that may occur in the workplace.

The FAR course is the only First Aid course recognized by the Health & Safety Authority in Ireland.

This course trains students to provide effective life support intervention, diagnose and treat illness and injury and maintain maximum care of a casualty until the arrival of the emergency medical services.

This course will also include training on the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and the administration of Aspirin in the case of suspected heart attack.


Course Content will include:

  • Patient Assessment
  • Incident Procedures
  • Cardiac First Response- CPR, AED, Choking, Stroke
  • Medical Emergencies - Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures, Poisoning, Fainting
  • Injury Management & Shock - Bleeding, Bone Injuries, Sprains, Strains/Dislocations, Shock.
  • Dealing with Unconsciousness Casualty
  • Burns -Electrical Injury Care
  • Hypothermia & Hyperthermia
  • Information Management
  • Communication
  • Well-Being of the First- Aid Responder


Who should attend? 

  • Suitable staff from all companies and public services bodies requiring to provide First Aid competency as part of their safety management system.
  •  Self-employed persons and interested members of the public.


Number of Participants:

Instructor student ratio is 1:8 for practical skills element of the course.


Length of Course:

Beginner: 3 days

Refresher: 2 days


Anderlift Safety Services Staff:

Anderlift Safety Services Instructor staff will be experienced in the “real life” provision of emergency care and will have the Instructional Skills required to effectively teach all learning elements of the course, both theoretical and practical.


Training Approach and Methodology:

Anderlift Safety Services will combine and balance the theoretical and practical skill requirements of the training to provide a highly interactive and enjoyable course.

The use of simulation and accident/incident type scenarios will enhance the learner experience and give participants the confidence and practice needed to achieve the learning outcomes and competencies specified in the PHECC standard.


Assessment of Participants:

The course involves continuous assessment. Participants will complete both theoretical and practical assessments, in the form of a multiple choice question paper and the undertaking of four skill assessments. A mark of 60% or greater is required to pass each of the elements of assessment.


Appeals Process: 

Anderlift have an Appeals process in place as part of our recognised institution status with PHECC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council).



Anderlift have a remediation process in place. Learners will be allowed to repeat an assessment in order to achieve a pass mark in both FAR skills and the MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) paper in line with strict PHECC guidelines for remediation.


Support for Learners:

Anderlift staff will provide a high level of mentoring to course participants and will provide specific guidance in relation to the assessment process, in line with learner requirements.


Recognition of Prior Learning:

Anderlift Safety Services Ltd. only offer RPL as part of the PHECC refresher process. Learners who currently hold (and are capable of presenting) a valid QQI Level 5 Occupational First Aid certificate are considered for inclusion on PHECC First Aid Response Refresher programmes.


Certification of Training:

PHECC certification is awarded to successful participants. The certification is valid for two years, at which point a two day refresher course will be required. Please note that the current certificate needs to be in date in order to complete the refresher course.


The following Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures are available on request.

  1. Complaints & Appeals Policy
  2. Equality Policy
  3. Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Policy
  4. Record Management Policy
  5. Faculty Management Policy
  6. Quality Assurance Policy
  7. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Policy
  8. Assessment & Awards Policy


For further information please visit the PHECC website.


We can run this course in-company for up to 8 people.

We also run monthly public courses for individuals wishing to complete this course in Cork. Please click here for dates

Call us on 021-4559180  for more information and available dates or send us a message via our Contact Form.