QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) COURSE BRIEFING INFORMATION FOR LEARNERS Anderlift Safety Services are a well-established provider of Health and Safety Training and Consultancy, operating nationwide. We are a subsidiary of an engineering based company, Anderco Lifting and provide a broad range of mainstream Health and Safety training, including Management and Supervisory Training, Safety Committee and Safety Representative, Manual Handling and Manual Handling Instructor, First Aid, Confined Space, Height and Harness, Forklift, Abrasive Wheels and many other courses. We are FET Legacy providers and provide training that is recognised on the National Framework of Awards, leading to QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) awards. We currently provide: Manual Handling Instructor (6S0242 - QQI Level 6 award) Safety and Health at Work (5N1794 - QQI Level 5 award) Safety Representative Course (5N1451 - QQI Level 5 award) Training Delivery and Evaluation (6N3326 – QQI Level 6 award) For further information on awards and on QQI please go to www.QQI.ie QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCEDURES Our overall aim as an organisation is to provide training that is of real value to learners in their work environment and in terms of their career planning. With this in mind our approach is inclusive, learner focused and at the same time geared to achieving a consistently high standard that can be externally tested, authenticated and confirmed. Anderlift are committed to supplying a high level of support to learners at all stages of the learning process, from programme selection to the assessment stage. Anderlift operate a completely fair and transparent participation and assessment process for all programmes. Learners are kept informed of their progress at all stages of the learning process. Anderlift have agreed a quality assurance agreement covering the following areas: • Communications • Equality • Staff Recruitment and Development • Access, Transfer and Progression • Programme Development, Delivery and Review • Fair and Consistent Assessment of Learners • Protection for Learners • Self-Evaluation of Programmes and Services • Recognition of Prior Learning Anderlift are committed to supplying a high level of support to learners at all stages of the learning process, from programme selection to the assessment stage. Anderlift operate a completely fair and transparent assessment process for all programmes and learners are kept informed of their progress. Anderlift also have an appeals process that is fully explained and available to learners, if required. Note: At present, Anderlift Safety Services are developing an updated set of QQI policies and procedures. APPEALS PROCEDURE NOTIFICATION OF APPEAL PROCEDURE Students signing for receipt of project briefs should note that in the event of wishing to appeal either the result (grade) attained for the assessment of the programme or wishing to raise issues relating to the assessment process itself, will have 14 days to contact Anderlift Safety Services following receipt of results. Anderlift Safety Services undertake to deal in an efficient and effective manner with any such appeal, should it arise. COMPASSIONATE CONSIDERATION Anderlift Safety Services will consider “compassionate consideration” issues at all stages of the learning process. We will consider the rescheduling of assessment arrangements and deadlines for submission to facilitate learners who, through no fault of their own, require compassionate consideration. The following factors are considered as being likely to merit compassionate consideration, subject to confirmation, clarification and as required in some cases, medical certification: A physical Injury or Emotional trauma arising prior to project assessment submission deadline or prior to other scheduled written or practical examination. A physical disability or disabling condition such as epilepsy, glandular fever or other incapacitating illness affecting the learner. Recent bereavement or serious illness of close family member or friend Severe accident Substantial Domestic Crisis Other extenuating circumstances. (To be defined) Anderlift will consider the specific nature of each compassionate request made and will decide (on the basis of evidence) on fair procedure relating to each case. Anderlift are aware of the need for flexibility in terms of compassionate consideration and will balance this need for flexibility with the essential requirement to maintain the integrity and fairness of the assessment process. REPEAT OF ASSESSMENT Anderlift Safety Services will continue to work towards ensuring that all learners can achieve a satisfactory or higher level of success at the assessment phase of our programmes. Should a participant fail to achieve a pass grade at least on a particular programme assessment, Anderlift will be open to allowing the participant involved to repeat a specific assessment in order to achieve a pass grade. This arrangement will be subject to maintaining the overall integrity of the assessment process, while at the same time ensuring that participants can be facilitated in their efforts to successfully complete our programmes. ASSESSMENT MALPRACTICE Anderlift Safety Services understand that the vast majority of assessment submissions will constitute the honest work and the genuine, valid efforts of individual learners. In the event of suspicion of Malpractice at the assessment phase on the part of a learner, Anderlift will expedite an investigation and make findings so that the integrity of the overall assessment process is maintained. It is likely that Anderlift will be in a position to carry out this investigation from within the expertise of our own results approval panel, however, Anderlift will engage the services on an identified independent adjudicator, if deemed necessary. Examples of potential malpractice activity includes: Learner Plagiarism Impersonation of another Learner Fabrication of Submission Evidence Alteration of Results Wrongly obtaining secure assessment material (Examination Information) Any other covert attempt to undermine the assessment process. Anderlift will ensure that any investigation of Malpractice will be completed in a manner and within a time frame that will not impact adversely on a learner against whom an unproven allegation is made. For full details of course programmes, learner requirements and booking details, please contact Patricia O Leary, General Manager on 021-4559180 or e-mail: patricia@anderliftsafety.com