Anderlift Safety Services was formed in 2002. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a well known engineering based company, Anderco Lifting, which has been trading successfully in Cork for over 25 years. Anderlift Safety Services is a nationwide provider of Health and Safety Training and Consultancy to both Industry and the Public Service.

We are a Quality Assured and Recognised training organisation. We provide training that is recognised on the National Framework of Awards, leading to QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) awards. We are IITD / FAS National Training Award Winners and our Training Manager, Oliver Carroll is a recipient of an individual national training award for his innovation in developing training programmes for key clients and staff.

Training Delivery and Evaluation

6N3326 – QQI Level 6 Award



Learners will be able to:

1. Outline the concepts and theories underlying the delivery and evaluation of training interventions.

2. Explore the elements which impact on the effectiveness of a training session to include, the learning environment, the trainer, learning methodologies and the group dynamics of participants.

3. Demonstrate an awareness of a range of issues to include equality, diversity and disability in the context of current legislation with regard to training provision.

4. Appraise a range of evaluation models, approaches, tools and techniques used in the evaluation and monitoring of a training and development intervention.

5. Deliver appropriate training content and materials using a range of training aids.

6. Formulate appropriate evaluation tools, techniques and approaches for a training session to determine whether or not training needs were met and objectives fulfilled.

7. Provide constructive feedback to participants in relation to training intervention.

8. Apply a comprehensive range of specialised training delivery and evaluation skills in the delivery of an appropriate training intervention.

9. Devise a training evaluation process to include the identification of key stakeholders, feedback from the trainee, challenges within the process and the conduct or methodology of the evaluation.

10. Select from a range of evaluation tools, techniques and approaches for a training session to determine whether or not training needs were met and objectives fulfilled.

11. Report on a training and development evaluation to include the identification of areas of success and of improvement opportunities.


QQI Assessments:

Assignment 40% (Written Assignments)

Skills Demonstration 40% (Tutorial Presentation)

Learner Record 20%


Certification:  Successful Candidates will receive the new Level 6 Award through the normal QQI submission process, subject to external authentication.

Appeals process:  Anderlift have an Appeals process in place as part of our quality assurance agreement.

Support for Learners: Anderlift staff will provide a high level of mentoring to interested candidates and will provide specific guidance in relation to the assessment process.


For further information on awards and on QQI please go to www.QQI.ie


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