Anderlift Safety Services – Policy in relation to Covid-19



The arrival and continuing spread of the Covid 19 virus is certain to have a major negative impact across the business community. This includes the provision of training and consultancy services to our industry clients, public service bodies and members of the public.

Anderlift Safety Services are committed to following all HSE and Government Guidelines issued to assist in the slowing down of the virus spread. Anderlift also understand that Government advice and direction is likely to evolve and change in the coming weeks and we are committed to adapting our business model accordingly.


Current Approach and Methodology


In order to adhere to current guidelines, Anderlift Safety Services have undertaken the following measures.


  • Staff where possible are working from home and are communicating with each other and with the Anderlift Training Centre either by e-mail or mobile phone.


  • Anderlift are currently scaling up our potential to work with clients “remotely” by using video link and conference call systems. A number of our clients have shown interest in pursuing this option as an interim solution to the current crisis. It is expected that our “virtual online” offering will consist mostly of short half-day or one day modules. Our four to five day QQI programmes are not part of our planned offering at present and are likely to be temporarily suspended until the Covid 19 crisis abates.


  • Staff have been briefed on the importance of taking personal responsibility for both social distancing and personal hygiene.


  • Anderlift Safety Services are prepared to escalate our precautionary levels further as necessary and as directed by the Regulatory Authorities.